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cbg cbg cbg cbg please read Michigan

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  • cbg cbg cbg cbg please read Michigan

    i am "washboy69" and "koolerboy69" on this site... i try to sign in all the time... it always tells me "wrong password/userID".... then i click to have it re-mailed to me.... and it never does....
    today i was lurking around here and tried again...and it worked properly..??

    so i wanted you/someone to know that both ID's are me and i still work at that same shi**y shop...

    i would love to update this site daily and use this as my venting place... maybe one day my boss will break some rules and you'll inform me of what to do..????

    as for the update on my health coverage... yes i got it july 1, 09.... paid out the arse for it.... but after an embarrasing encounter with the other employees.... my employer re-imbursed all of us for mis-charges.....

    but yes i still get screwed over on a daily basis... i'm low-man on the totem pole.... 7yrs....and the next closest is 15yrs...
    i need the job... i walk on thin ice everyday ... cause my boss says all of us are very replaceable in today's economy...he'll even hand me the stack of resume's and tell me to pick who i want to replace me...laughing at me

    done for today...
    "the turd in the back of the shop"

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    I'll ask the administrator to see if there's a problem with your account. Glad you were able to join us today.
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