I've been working for my employer for little under a year now, and so far there have been quite a few instances where my Team Lead has called people out of there names, (darrogatory terms) and made threatening comments (loud enough for the entire office to hear) about doing things to make people cry, making comments about the way people talk, (slight inferences) and just being nasty in general. She has been written up about using the "N bomb" so she's very careful about not using it, but she's not careful about anything else that she says. It makes me soo uncomfortable. I've addressed the situation with both her, her supervisor, and her supervisors boss. I've even mentioned it to HR, but now it's to the point where she whispers so that only a certain few of us can hear the things that she's saying.
I come home and complain about it and my fiance is so fed up, he's even put a tape recorder in my purse and told me to use it.
What can I do?