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Overtime Massachusetts

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  • Overtime Massachusetts

    I work for a college in Mass as a Union employee.

    It states in our contract that should we be called in that we get 4 hrs. pay at
    1 1/2.

    Also anytime worked over 40 hours a week should be time and one half.

    The issue I have is this how long should I have to wait till I get my pay.

    80% of the time they always pay late. This isn't just me, it is also a lot of the other tradesman. Sometimes they may wait over a month for the money.

    We are all hourly workers.
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    In a very few states, the law requires that overtime be paid no later than the following pay period. However, I'm not sure whether Massachusetts is one of them.

    And when you ask, why do they say it is not included with the current paycheck? Or the next one?
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      I cannot imagine that the union contract or the state law would allow OT to be paid a full month later.
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        MA law require that employees be paid weekly or bi-weekly all wages earned by him to within six days of the termination of the pay period during which the wages were earned. Employees who work in a bona fide executive, administrative or professional may elect at their own option to be paid monthly.

        But, there is no provision I know of for a 1 month delay in OT payments to non-exempt employees.

        There are some other limited exceptions to these rules, but they are for railroads, hospitals, and other odd employment situations.
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