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Unemployment in Massachusetts

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  • Unemployment in Massachusetts

    Should I be eligible for unemployment benefits if I resigned from my job due to pregnancy issues? I left a few weeks before my due date, to move out of the region, still in Mass thoe. Couldn't very well continue to work with a baby on the way. No family/friends there that could offer support or child care once the baby arrives.
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    Generally speaking unemployment is available to workers who were laid off or terminated for no cause. Workers who separate employment voluntarily more often than not are denied benefits. Also in order to qualify a worker must actively be seeking employment. If you are currently unable to work because of your child's birth, this would be another reason to deny benefits. Ultimately this decision is at the hands of your state's UI board. No harm in applying.


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      It certainly appears that you will have at least some time of disqualification because you will not be able, avilable and actively seking full-time work.

      While generally I would say that your chances of being found eligible are very slim, I think there may be some chance. It depends on amny factors.

      MA law permits eligibility if the claimant left work due to urgent, compelling and necessitous reason. It is possible you could argue that you were compelled to leave the region because you had no child care assistance after your child will be born, thereby keeping yourself attached to the marketplace.

      However, you will also have to demonstrate that you made every reasonable attempt to preserve the employment relationship with your former employer including, but not limited to seeking a transfer, LOA, accomodations before/after the birth, etc..

      Again, as robb alluded to, the worst-case scenario is the DUA denies you, but even then you can file an appeal and request a hearing.


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