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union dues Massachusetts

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  • union dues Massachusetts

    im a member of a teamsters union in boston and i pay union dues every month , i work for several companies that are union companies , i am concisered a spare employee as most of us are . when the companies have work we have to go there and the company will pick who they want to hire that day. they can chosse whoever they want seniority doesnt matter, but recently thier has been alot of nonunion people getting hired over union members. i know i should contact my union but they are the problem. see thier is an election comming up and they know we are not voting for them so they are sending people to our worksite to work ahead of us . the union claims they have 30 days to join the union . but can they work over dues paying members

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    It would depend on the contracts. I assume there is wording that would allow for new hires, but there may be wording that could require current union members have preference over non union members. You would have to review the contracts, which you have the legal right to do.

    You can elect different leadership. You can campaign for your candidate. You can file election complaints. Good place to start.
    I have been interested in employment rights for some time, however I am not a lawyer. Always consult with an attorney, as they are more knowledgeable.


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      union contract

      the only thing thats in the contract is that anyone prior to 2003 works first but they dont enforce it. they say its illeagal to enforce it/ and they said that anyone can walk in off the streets and work ahead of dues paying members because
      they say its the law they say anyone can work ahead of us because by law they have 30 days to join the union . i understand they have 30 days to join but they shouldnt be working when they are not working union dues payers

      There is an International Election right now and if you opose hoffa they will not work you


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        We pay about $75 a month in dues . and they dont represent us . last week they had plenty of work and lots of new faces while paid up members did not work. its not just me its about 20 guys this happens to . the union and the companies are just putting who they want to work . so they get the votes they want. are they obligated to represent us if we pay dues


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