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Wrongful Termination Maryland

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  • Wrongful Termination Maryland

    A few months ago I was informed by HR, that effective immediately,my position (the manager of a the only in-patient unit in the hospital) was being eliminated "at that time" due to the facilities efforts to reduce cost and staff. This was done approximately 20 minutes after my boss, the CNO was "effective immediately" relieved of her duties. I brought this person to my meeting with HR as she was still the next link in my chain of command. The next morning my position was posted as available, with the position renamed, however the exact same job description.

    My release from the position I am certain is the result of over 3 years of conflict with other departments within the hospital. This conflict was always the result of regulatory agency and hospital policy infractions, which not only placed patients in jeporady, but were illegal. While I always attempted to resolve these issues following hospital policy, the infractions continued. While I couldn't change what was going on, I would not ignore it either. I have several years of documentation regarding this. Additionally, I am certain I can prove in court there has been an concerted effort to remove me from my position and false allegations regarding my work.

    I understand Maryland is an "At will state", however I have also documented issues in which HR would not ever utilize the "At will state". I have consitently obtained "Outstanding" evaluations, with a clean employee file. When I was terminated, in short, everyone was stunned. A meeting of the other managers was called to explain I had been let go as well as our boss had been removed from her duties. It was explained she had been offered a different (and falsely lateral position), however when HR was asked if I had been offerred any of the open positions, the resposnse was no. When it was inquired as to why, the answer was "There are some things we just are not going to answer."

    All of this happened, 2 days before myself, the other managers and physicians were meeting with the board president regarding the illegal activities going on. I believe this was done to intimediate and "send a message."

    I am unable to find full time work that will provide benefits. There are issues with COBRA coverage, and in short my family is in a very bad position as a result of my being "let go." Is there anywhere I can seek help? I cannot afford a retainer fee much less the hourly rates of a lawyer. I did not want to proceed in that direction, but need to know what I can do to help my family.

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    Did you report any of these illegal activities to the regulatory authorities? It can't hurt to discuss your situation with an attorney; your termination may have a public policy component.

    ElleMD is in the state and she may have more of an idea how Maryland would address such a situation. Hopefully, she will drop by today.
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      They had not been reported to the agencies as I was following our hospital policy, and I knew there was the concerted effort, in short a "plan" for my removal because I did not go along. Consistently, the departments in which I experienced the conflict with, were under the direction of one executive employee and supported by HR. The meeting that took place with the board members was the official last step in our chain of command before reporting to regulatory agencies. As I said, I and my boss was let go before we could participate in this meeting. I have not reported as yet to the agencies because I am concerned I will be seen as a disgruntled employee.


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        Well, but you've already been terminated, so I would think you could be as "disgruntled" as you'd like.
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          I agree, it wouldn't hurt to consult with an attorney. Usually, the consultation is free and can give you an idea on how to proceed.

          I also agree that you should report your findings to the regulatory agency. An investigation will verify your claims and you will not be viewed as a disgruntled employee. Hopefully, you have your documentation as backup. The state takes complaints very seriously especially if they are compromising patients safety.


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