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employer failed to comply with acceptance letter Maryland

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  • Pattymd
    Take the document to a local attorney versed in employment/contract law to see if it is an enforceable contractual obligation ("acceptance letters" aren't normally) and if it is, what your recourse might be.

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  • Kick Me
    Sounds like you need to take copies of all the contracts/agreements to a local attorney and get his/her opinion as to whether you have grounds for action against the employer. From what you posted you "might" have recourse from the second agreement being cut short but, it is hard to tell when we can't see the contracts.

    As for the first agreement what exactly are you alleging they breached? The pay raise is the only thing I see and depending upon the way it is worded that most likely wasn't a guaranteed increase in pay. So that point would be moot. Was there something else in the first agreement that you feel like was breached?


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  • employer failed to comply with acceptance letter Maryland

    I accepted a position as a addiction specialist on 03/09/05....My acceptance letter stated my base salary and Subsequent changes based on an annual satisfactory written review. I've had (3) employee evaluation that were above satisfactory but received no salary increase spoke to my supervisor on several occasion regrading this issue and received no solution to the problem. A few weeks later i had a meeting with my supervisor and HR supervisor and was told that my position will be eliminated effective June 30,2008. I was given a Confidential Separation And Release Agreement Contract and was told my service were no longer needed as of April 1, 2008 but i continued to receive benefits and my regular salary until May but the contract agreement i signed stated that I'm officially employed until june 30,2008. My employer had breached both the agreements my accecptance letter and separation agreement.
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