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Child Labor Law Help Kentucky

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  • Child Labor Law Help Kentucky

    My daughter is 16 and working at a XXXXX. State law says she can only work until 10:30 but they work her to 11:00 each night. I'm wondering if I say something to the bosses if she will get fired. If she gets fired do I have any recourse?

    Anyone know for sure?
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    That's only on a day preceding a school day. Even if the employer IS in violation, YOU don't say anything to the employer (and please remove the name of the employer from your post). And YOU don't have any recourse. If SHE reports a violation of law to the proper authorities, in this case the state Dept. of Labor, and SHE is fired in retaliation, then SHE may have recourse.
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      Patty Thanks. I removed the business name and yes today is the second school night in a row that is she required to work until 11:00. Usually this business seemed good about following the laws so I'm just wondering if it may be because the school year just started and they aren't in the 'swing' of it yet.


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        Could be. School's started already? Is it possible they don't know that?

        Maybe she could print out the rules I linked you to and point that requirement out to her supervisor.
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          We live in Southern Kentucky and school always starts the first week of August and then the kids are out by Memorial Day. I'm from the North so that seems strange to me. We never started school before Labor Day. Just different...


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            Wow that is early. And I hear griping that the teachers and 10 month staff start reporting next week. The little darlings start back the week after. I might just have to point out that if they lived in KY, they'd have been back for weeks.

            In any event, her managers may not realize she has started back to school or that she is still a minor. I'd suggest she politely mention to her manager or whomever does the schedule that as school has resumed, and she is 16, that she may not work past 10:30.
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