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unemployment eligibility Kansas

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  • unemployment eligibility Kansas

    I sold me business in 8-08 to a business based in another state with 4 other locations. A general mgr was put in charge of the store. He is abusive and obscene beyond description. Customers complain. The owner of the business plays us against one another. I hung in as long as I could. The GM repeatedly told me the owner despised me, would make my life hell and I should quit, even offering to fire me for unemployment purposes. I am a nervous wreck, have developed serious stomach ulcers and felt totally trapped because I am 55 with a non-compete in my industry. In March I finally quit. Half of the staff had left and there are witnesses to the above statements. A couple of business owner friends feel that I would qualify for unemployment benefits due to the circumstances and environment. Any thoughts?

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    Generally, you do not get unemployment ins. benefits if you quit. However, it doesn't hurt to file a claim. Only the state can say whether you qualify for benefits based on the reason you quit.
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      And have your noncompete reviewed by an attorney. It may or may not be enforceable, depending on the terms and your state law.
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        I appreciate your replies. I suspect it will depend on whether the unemployment people differentiate between levels of behavior. This was egregious. One of the employees gave his reason for quitting as not wanting done to him what was done to me.

        I have had an attorney look at the agreement. It is fundamentally enforceable but with a couple of possible problems. They feel like I would have a good chance of prevailing if a suit were filed. Unfortunately, I can't afford to go through that process. The business was sold due to financial problems in the current marketplace.

        I will file, make my best case, and see what happens. Thanks again.


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