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Need Quote Indiana

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  • Need Quote Indiana

    The Indiana Wage & Labor site is still down. I know Indiana does not have a law which requires employers to give meal or rest breaks to employees 18 and over. Can anyone quote this law? I am getting ready to address employees and would like to have "The Law" to quote.

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    I find this info from this very forum by using the search function :

    These are frequently asked questions answered on the IN government website. It is certainly down right now, as you noted, so hopefully these questions will still be there when it's back up. The links (when they work) are: for IN Wage/hour laws

    Is my employer required to give me time off for lunch or breaks?

    If you are over 18 years of age, Indiana law does not require your employer to give time off for lunch or breaks.

    If you are under 18 years of age, Indiana law requires your employer to provide you either one or two rest breaks totaling 30-minutes when you are scheduled to work six or more consecutive hours.


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      Here is another good link that shows a table of states with meal break laws. Those not in the table, do not have such laws. There is a footnote explaining about states such as IN that do have regulations for minors, but only minors.


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        I beg to disagree with martinigirl, but not on the law. The Indiana DOL site stinks! It's been "under construction" for over a year now. Rather like I-79 around Pittsburgh.
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          Hopefully not like Boston's Big Dig, which began in 1991. I heard on the radio just yesterday that it is (supposedly) finally coming to a close...
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            This state government site is a joke and I needed to have something before Jan. 1. I guess I'll make a stop at the library or call the Indiana Wage & Labor Dept.
            Thank you for your help. Have a Happy Thanksgiving


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              What's wrong with the link martinigirl gave you? As she stated, if it's not on there, there is no law on the issue.
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                In my meeting, I will be dealing with people who have had an idea (for years) that by Indiana Law, the employer is required to give them a meal & rest breaks. I don't know where the idea came from but I have the responsibility of showing them that it is untrue. Although not required, I like to produce documentation to the employees as confirmation.


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                  The problem is that you cannot show a law that does not exist. The laws don't read "Employers are not required to provide breaks." They are only written when employers are required to do something or prohibited from doing something.

                  Given that the links above to Indiana DOL website don't work, the best you can do is show what the Federal DOL lists for state meal and break requirements. Indiana is not on either list, so no requirement.



                  If this fails to convince the audience, have them show you the non-existent law.
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                    Hey, Patty. I'd never been to that Indiana site before, but I had the same thing happen somewhere else, "under construction" for years. Why even have the website?

                    OP - it is always hard to give you evidence that a law doesn't exist. It's frustrating for everyone, but you won't find a law anywhere that says "after test driving a new car, you can't take it without paying for it." However, everyone knows that is stealing.

                    Labor law is hard because is it law not well understood by employees (and, often, employers). After printing out what you have, if they don't believe you tell them to give you proof otherwise. If not, tell them you understand the laws and are following them.


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                      The only law In. has on meal breaks/rest breaks is: employees under the age of 18 must be provided 1 or 2 rest breaks totaling at least 30 minutes if the employee is scheduled to work at least 6 consecutive hours. I.C. 20-33-3-30

                      As mentioned previously there is no law in In. requiring meal and/or rest breaks for employees age 18 & older.
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                        Thank you to each and every one of you for all your help. I called the Indiana DoL and they confirmed everything you guys told me and could not tell me when the web site would be up.
                        Although it sounds as if I am attempting to be unkind to my future employees, I am not. I am working on a presentation to let them know how fortunate they are to have a position with this organization.
                        Thanks again,
                        Happy Thanksgiving,


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