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Friend that's 17 in Illinois and needs thelp!

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  • Friend that's 17 in Illinois and needs thelp!

    I have this friend who needs help. She is now 16 but is turning 17 this July. I am looking on the internet for help but nothing is really doing any good, all the information is just so confusing. Is there any possible way for who to move out and live with one of her friends and their parents? My mom has listened to everything she has said for the past 3 months and realizes her parents just aren't fit! They constantley never listen to her, I mean she's a good kid, never gets in trouble, has good grades (she's in honor classes and is an honor student), has a job, and is just an all around good kid that listens. Her mom at first never listened to her at all, and would constantley change the rules and ground her. On top of that her girlfriend would push her and yell at her. She would constantley get criticised about everything and verbally abused, such as being told she was stupid, worthless, and the list just goes on. One day she just got fed up and left to go for a walk and get air because she just couldn't stand her mom. They would always take her car that she always paid for and drove to work. The day she left she basically kicked Amy out and said she's sick of her and was just loving her and trying to look out for her. She banned me from her house because she didn't like my brother, and thought things that just weren't true. Once they kicked her out.. took her car made her father come pick her up and wouldn't let her back in the house. She was there for all Spring break and was suppose to come back that Monday. but instead her mom changed the locks and would not allow her back in the house, she brought her stuff up to her father's home. With a month left of school her parents moved her 2 hours away from her friends and family, when she had many many offers to stay here from different people so she could at least finish school, well they just couldn't have that! Even though her mother wants nothing to do with her she still has a say in what goes on in her life somehow? Also her father mentioned to her a countless number of times she could take her car down here to visit and says each time she can't go back, because it's too early which makes no sense. Now she is miserable, can't sleep because of anxiety, eats and can't do anything because she hasn't made friends up there, she doesn't have any activities to do and is gaining weight, is sick everyday because of no sleep and not actual food, her sister and father constantley ***** at her and call her a little selfish brat because she wants to see her friends and wants nothing to do with her mother which is completely understandable. On top of it all, her mom was convinced she was doing drugs and just being terrible and wasn't but they sent her to a school with more drugs and sex and violence then where she was before. It's just not suitable for her. The point is my mother will take her in and everything will be all right. Until she can support herself on her own and get out of school then go to college. Is this possible without getting emancipated and without her parents permisson? Please give me other alternatives. I need to help her, she's so stressed out it's making her sick and the school there is so easy, she's learned all this. She's getting absolutely nothing out of this!

    Please Help!

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    unless her parents will willingly make your mother her gaurdian- then there is nothing to be done......if she feels she is being abuse she should tell her school guidance counselor or another trusted adult


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