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Possible insubordination. Do I have any options? Illinois Illinois Illinois

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  • Possible insubordination. Do I have any options? Illinois Illinois Illinois

    I am employed at a large regional bank. Have never been written up or disciplined until recently. I am in sales and due to some internal changes my production has severely suffered. About a week ago, my manager changed our work hours with no advanced notice and required us to each be on 2 daily conference calls; 1 in the morning and 1 right before we leave for the day. In order to accomodate, I have been taking the 2nd call using my cell from the car. However, I was told that was unacceptable and must take the call from the office. I explained that I have other obligations at 6 and cannot possible make these calls. Moreover, I expplained that I had a similar discussion when I was hired about my obligations and was told it would not be a problem. However, that got my nowhere and was told that I am to write an email at 5:530pm to "prove" I'm in the office everyday. This is leading to me now being considered tardy and possible insubordinate because I am not sending these emails. Lastly, I had overtime last week and used it to see a doctor. I was told to cancel the appointment because I did not gice adequate notice. Although, for 2 years none of these things have been a problem. Can someone tell me if I have any options here. I called HR and they are looking into the matter. But am afraid that If I get fired I will not get unemployment due to insubordination.



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    Welcome to the world of banks. They don't much care about you. They're not doing anything illegal, so if you get fired for insubordination, you might not get unemployment. But file anyway, you might still get it.
    I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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      Sorry, nothing illegal being done here by employer. If you get fired, the state will decide
      whether you get UI or not.
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