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Comp Time for Exempt local municipal employee Illinois

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  • Comp Time for Exempt local municipal employee Illinois

    Questions about compensatory time for exempt local municipal government employee in Illinois:

    1) Is there a limit as to how many comp time hours can be accured?
    2) Is there a certain time frame in which comp time hours must be used?
    3) Can comp time be earned while:
    * On vacation (home or away)?
    * At home using sick time?
    * On a paid holiday (when office is closed)?
    * Using comp time (home or away)?

    Have not had any success finding this info at IDOL site or US DOL.

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    I need to be sure that we are talking about the same thing. Comp time as defined by law is overtime earned by non-exempt employees of governmental institutions that is not paid immediately but rather deferred as comp time at 150% of the hours not paid. If that is what you are talking about, then I can point you to the short version of the rules. (Or the long version of the rules if you really want to read the regulations).

    Under certain prescribed conditions, employees of State or local government agencies may receive compensatory time off at a rate of not less than one and one-half hours for each overtime hour worked, instead of cash overtime pay. Police and fire fighters, emergency response personnel, and employees engaged in seasonal activities may accrue up to 480 hours of comp time; all others, 240 hours
    However if you really meant "exempt", then you are not talking about legal requirements. There is no external legal requirement that employees defined as "exempt" by the FLSA law get "comp time". Hence my confusion over your question.

    If you feel like putting some time into this, the related regulations are 29 CFR
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