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2 Weeks Notice Illinois

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  • 2 Weeks Notice Illinois

    I wrote up my letter of resignation and delivered it to my bosses desk. She has not been in the office at all this week, she has been sick so this was not a pre-determined time off. She is an emotionally abusive boss and I no longer wish to work for her. I have worked for her for several years and her first reaction to everything is to threaten to sue. Everything I have read says that Illinois is an at-will employment state. Even if she only considers my notice to be one week's notice if she returns on Monday, does she have legal grounds to sue me? She is also vindictive (more reasons I am quitting) if she proactively calls the jobs I am trying to interview with (as I have kept her in the loop as to where I am applying) and tell them I gave less than 2 weeks notice even though my letter is dated and I have witnesses to when I delivered it, can she legally do that in Illinois?
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    Anybody can sue anybody for anything if they find an attorney to do it. However, unless you have a contract that requires a two-week notice to her and only her, you could quit with NO notice and the company would have no case. She can legally call anyone she wants. I would suspect, though, that prospective employers would see her initiating such a call as vindictive.

    If you think, after an interview, it's going to be a problem, just tell the prospective employer that she may indicate that you did not give two weeks' notice, but that you did not give it to her directly, since she was out ill. May I suggest that, in her absence, you give an originally signed copy to the person to whom SHE reports or to Human Resources. Like immediately.
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