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Questions and help needed! Illinois

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  • Questions and help needed! Illinois

    Firstly thank you to anyone who reads, helps, advises and so on.

    What can an non-exempt FT retail employee do if section 3 of the One Day of rest in seven act is broken? Not once but more like a pattern. The reason I ask this is because it may be tied in later with other questions.

    Person A is a minority.

    The situation that i was told is this:
    The employer uses a customer survey listed on receipts to find how well the business/customer service is. Basically anyone with internet access can go on and say anything about anyone or anything, being a real survey or not. Person A feels they are being singled out, as they are constantly being told to change the way the speak/attitude/apathetic ways. The employer states these conversations were recorded in employee counseling. So recently the store had received 2 negative feedback from customers being tied to Person A on the lines of being not as enthusiastic. Person A was then put on final warning. Person B another employee has also received 2 negative feedback and hasn't even been talked to.

    It seems the company is trying to weed out Person A and trying anyway to get them out, because Person A is not what they want.

    If Person A is terminated what can Person A do?

    So back to the lunch break law for illinois, one of the feedbacks were given on a day Person A worked more than 7 1/2 hours without lunch, complaints being on the lines of not being energetic and enthusiastic. How can this law help Person A if any?

    Now the big thing is that this survey system is very sketchy, ANYONE can say anything on the site. They don't even have to shop in store or live in Illinois. How can this be a reason to terminate? Legit?

    There are other things Person A has been dealing with as far as discrimination, with not being able to learn what other peers of the same status learn, again Person A feeling singled out. More instances and complaints could be listed.

    Is there a case for Person A if terminated? The company also uses Arbitration so no court.

    Thanks Again!

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    If any wage and hour law is not being complied with, Person A can file a complaint with the state Dept. of Labor.

    Why does Person A think that the way s/he is being disciplined or otherwise being discriminated against is because of ethnicity? That is what would be illegal, not the surveys and resulting discipline in and of itself.

    The reason a discharge would be legal because of these bogus "surveys" alone is because there is no law prohibiting it (although I agree it doesn't sound fair). Unfair does not mean illegal.
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