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Buisness moving without notice Illinois

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  • Buisness moving without notice Illinois

    I hope someone can help me, I work for a doctor who is in the process of filing buisness and personal bancruptcy, in the meantime he has rented out a new office, changed the name of the practice and got an all new tax id#. He is including back rent for the current office in the bankruptcy so I feel that we are pretty much on the run from the landlord( he still owes 3months rent at 5,000. per mo) we move to the new office in 2 weeks. He has loans on some of the equiptment we have at the office and the loans are going to be included in the bankruptcy so he is hiding equiptment in storage places around town and bring things to the new office that he doesnt want included, He is having me not only help with this but basiclly haveing me and another secretary " hide money" that we get after the bancruptcy goes through by changing the name of the buiness and trying to get all unpaid accounts receivable paid now but changed to the new buiness name so the bank cant seize his unpaid accounts.
    Theres alot more going on but I feel that this is enough for now, I basically would love to know if this is all legal and if not could I or any other employees get in to serious trouble for helping with what hes doing?

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    I think I'd be consulting my own attorney faster than you-know-what. With all this going on, is he actually paying you?
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      he is currently paying us however there have been several times he couldnt pay us for a couple of weeks and one time he tried to make everyone sign a contract stating that we accept the fact that we my not receive paychecks in a timly mannor.


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        I'd be outta there faster than a speeding bullet.
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          And regardless of what you sign, the doctor can not circumvent labor law.

          Which is why there are separate legal and medical schools.
          Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

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            I have nothing to add to the thread to help the OP, but we do business providing temps to many companies.

            While some of the construction folks struggle to pay us (as they depend upon being paid by their customers before they can pay us), they are wonderful as compared to lawyers and doctors.
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