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Employee Searches at company Illinois

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  • Employee Searches at company Illinois

    I have just been giving a new policy book at work and it says that my
    employeer has the right to search all personal possessions.
    Further they state any refusal can be grounds for termination.
    Do they not need a search warrant to search my wallet or purse?
    Can they make me take off coat?
    This is a small family owned bussiness.
    Please inform me.

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    This is not my state and not my area of expertise, but the short answer is that this policy is probably legal. Termination is mostly Employment-At-Will, meaning that terminations tend to be legal unless a specific law is being violated. It is possible that Illinois has a specific law banning this practice, but if I could make a bet, I would bet that based on what you have said that the proposed action is legal.
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      I think it would depend on the type of business. for example many retialers require employees ot open purses, bags etc when they exit store. I am certain other types of business might do the same for various reasons.


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        Yes, I would say it is legal. In privacy court cases the courts have sided heavily with the employer in that they have the right "to keep tabs" on their employees & examine their belongings.
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          Have they done any of this yet? Why do you think there is such a policy?
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            employeese search

            They have not begun this yet.
            It's almost like a pick and choose situation.
            I was on medical leave and came back to be handed this new policy.


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              Originally posted by lilapps View Post
              It's almost like a pick and choose situation.

              Unless they "pick and choose" solely based on a protected characteristic, such as race, age, gender, etc. I don't see any legal problem with this policy on its face.
              I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.


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