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Pack it up we notice you are sick Idaho

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  • Pack it up we notice you are sick Idaho

    What do you do when chemicals at work have made you sick and you are let go because of being noticed as not feeling well? Health effects for this product on EPA is exactly as happened.
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    Have you filed a Work Comp claim? Is the employer subject to FMLA and, if so, do you meet the criteria? Have you been to your own doctor?
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      Can I still file workers comp if I was termed yesterday? I have been seeing my doctor all along but didn't realize it was side effect from styrene at work. Not covered by FMLA-too small of company
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        When did you start seeing your doctor regarding this?

        CAIW, thoughts?
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          I have had migraines for years but were controllable until production picked up in beginning of May. I have been to the DR several times this year, getting on antideps, increasing antidepressants, sleep meds and migrn meds. Then the headaches got way worse, much more depressed, exhausted, emotional. I was working 4 positions (and limited to 32 per week due to co. finanaces) to cover my department, accurate in job just obviously not feeling well no matter how hard I tried to cover it. Then I went to 45+ hours per week-I also had the added stress of my boss accidently sending business matters and issues to my home email (40+ times) and then being clearly upset at me for not addressing them. I didn't even know of half of them until last night when I cleaned out my home email and found them. I was written up 2x for miscommunications in the past 1 1/2 yrs, never given a copy and never really understanding why to such an extent he was upset. You know I am not really too sad about not having to go though this everyday.........
          I am already looking for work. I don't want to be on work comp. I dont' want to be "sick" I was told I would be classified as perm layoff so I could file for UI.....but confirmation call from boss never came last night. I am looking out for options so I can survive should I be denied UI by employer or have lasting problems from this. The EPA I was unaware of until yesterday also on this....


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