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Idaho labor law for holiday pay Idaho

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  • Idaho labor law for holiday pay Idaho

    my job says i have to be here a full 8hrs the day before and the day after a holiday however all prev companies i have ever worked for say you only have to work either the day before or the day after to get holiday pay. now i did work both the day before and the day after the holiday but they are trying to say i didnt work 8hrs on the day before the holiday they are saying in only worked 7hrs and 46 mins on the day before, and 8hrs 25 mins the day after but cause it wasnt a full 8hrs on the day before i dont get my holiday pay. and my butt was here for a full 8hrs trust me. whats the law or do i have any fight with this at all to get my holiday pay?

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    Holiday pay is not required by law for private employers. Your current employer's policy of requiring you work your full shift on the day before and the day after the holiday in order to get the holiday pay is perfectly legal.
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      Just to be clear, the answer sort of depends on the class of the employee. If the OP was an Exempt Salaried employee, or a Non-Exempt Salaried employee paid on the Fluctuating Workweek or Belo Plan methods, then there would be docking restrictions on the salary. These docking restrictions could have the effect of requiring that day to be paid.

      There is no such issue on all other classes of employee. The docking restrictions I mentioned are a function of the employer choosing to classify the employee in such a way as to reduce or eliminate paid overtime. When they do so, the affected employees are subject to docking restrictions on their salary.
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