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I Just Want A Paycheck Hawaii

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  • I Just Want A Paycheck Hawaii

    I began working for a guy about a year ago as a temporary - part time employee. It was understood I would be compensated with cash and I was considered a to be an outside contractor.

    This situation has evolved in to a full time ( I woprk at least 50 hours week) and in this state where Health insurance, TDI and Workers Comp are mandatory - - I am offered none of that. I asked months ago that I be paid with a paycheck and have taxes witheld and felt I qualified as a perm/full-time employee a long time ago.

    The guys says, "Sure, I'll pay you with a check, I have been doing it this way to save you money."

    I do not think I can possibly be at an advantage being paid like this. I think it is cheaper for him as taxes and other benefits are not being calulated for me.

    Please tell me what I could do. Quitting is an option, but because he has not officially recorded my employment, I can not qualify for anything in case of a lapse between jobs. Not to mention, I was told I would not be elegible for ANYTHING if a sickness or disabilty or injury were to occur.

    Final thing about this man.... He is very abusive. His conduct is definately not within the parameters of an employer/employee situation. He is verbally abusive to me and recently I witnessed him being physically abusive to another employee.

    I would like to see something positive happen. What can I do?

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