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Working 12 Consecutive Days, in a period of 14 days. Hawaii

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  • Working 12 Consecutive Days, in a period of 14 days. Hawaii

    So I am currently in a situation in which "forces" me to work 12 or more consecutive days of which are 11 hour shifts each. Hours currently add up to 126. 49 in the first week, 77 in the second week and continuing on to the third week (33 or more) So here is how it goes.

    Pay schedule:
    Fri to Thur, First Week
    -Worked on Fri, Sat, Sun. Then unscheduled work Wed, Thur.

    Fri to Thur, Second Week
    - Worked on Fri, Sat, Sun. Then unscheduled work Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur.

    Fri to Thur, Third Week
    - Worked on Fri, Sat, Sun. Afterwards Monday is unknown, but another full week is expected.

    Currently that does count up to 12 days or more.

    My question is, what can I be compensated with by my employer. Overtime (1.5x) is defaulted for the 46 hours over time (1-2 week). I've heard about "Double Time" (2x) but, I don't know if it applies to this situation.

    So what more am I entitled to besides just overtime, Calender Day Offs / Double Time?

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    You are entitled to be paid your regular hourly wage for the first 40 hours you work in a work week, and time and a half for any hours in the work week after that. Hawaii follows Federal overtime laws for private employers. Neither Federal nor state wage laws requires that you be paid double time in any circumstances. To the best of my knowledge, only California requires double time, ever. Hawaii does not have any one-day-off-in-seven laws. No state requires that you be provided with extra days off if you work x hours.
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    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Agreed. And even if this was CA, CA's one-day-in-seven rule has some "read the fine print" exceptions. It may be physically impossible to work 24x7x52 but it most states it is not explicitly illegal.
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