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Owner didn't pay mortgage, house action Hawaii

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  • Owner didn't pay mortgage, house action Hawaii

    Aloha friends!

    Please help me out here. I'm one of five tenants living at a beautiful (but neglected) house. We all have month to month leases. The owner brought in a real estate agent to manage the house. He demanded approx. have of the rent money for "making the mortgage payment" but never did. The other half went to pay utilities. After a long while of course, the house went to be accioned. This happened last 07/10/09. We all talk to the real estate agent and she arranged for the services to be transferred on her name so we don't get those disconnected. We are also to pay rent to the new owner (a well known bank) for now. The problem is the ex-owner wants to stay living in the house for free and has announced that his girlfriend and her daughter are moving into the house as of July 1st as well. We are all outraged to hear this. He not just is refusing to pay utilities as we all do but also he wants to bring two more people into the house to live here indefinitely (since they just got evicted from somewhere in California). He also thinks he is entitled to the rent moneys until the bank takes over. Furthermore he is extremely rude to everyone, he is very filthy and screams and verbally abuses at some of the tenants. He also flattened the tires of all the vehicles in the house in one occasion, excepting his own moped. We don't knnow what to do fast enough so the girlfriend doesn't move in and he moves out. The title is not in his name any longer, but the agent haven't got a copy of the new one yet. How can we handle this? They both clain that they are the owners of the house and according to him "a bunch of women aren't gonna tell him what to do with his life". Help please? Thanks so very much!!!

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