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Sending me back to work when I can't do the job. Georgia

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  • Sending me back to work when I can't do the job. Georgia

    I am really confused and worried about the decisions of my workman's comp doctor and the workman's comp insurance worker that are trying to get me to go back to work. I cannot lift things and if I force myself to do it, I hurt for the rest of the day. The doctor has released me to go back to work, full release, and told me if I still hurt to call and set an appointment...but not withing in the first week. He wants me to go back and just try to do the work. I have been on workman's comp here in Georgia over a year and I still have pain and numbness and so many different types of pains in my thumb and forearm. I know I will not be able to do the work that they are telling me to go do. I can't even ride my motorcycle without pain or lift a plastic grocery sack with my right hand. I have adjusted my carrying techniques to incorporate not using my thumb or using my left hand in this past year. I have recently tried to use my right thumb more in the past few weeks and the pain stays until I finally fall asleep at night, I also have noticed numbness in the tip of the thumb when I try to use it regularly. I am in pain right now just typing. It tires my whole arm after using it and I just don't know what to do.

    If I go back to work and stay over 5 days ....will this void my workman's comp or is this procedure to see if I can at least try it? I had been released to go back light duty months and months ago but my company said they do not have light duty at all. PLEASE help. Should I get an attorney at this point?

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