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GA State Employee Job Description Georgia

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  • GA State Employee Job Description Georgia

    I am a state employee who accepted my position several years ago. Although I did not sign a job description as I had when working for state agencies in other states, a description of my positon was posted online. A few months after I began I looked again at my job description and it had changed from what it was when I was hired so I printed out a copy. Since I began, I have willingly added additional responsibilities in the hope that I could eventually request a reclassification of my position (I had done this previously in other states with success). In addition to the responsibilities I sought out, the economy has taken a downturn and so the positions I was told would be created have not been filled and my workload and scope has further increased--so much so that when I compare my duties with other agencies within this state and the surrounding states, my classification is much lower than others doing similar work. It appears that as I have added responsibilities, the posted job description has changed (probably taken directly from my evaluations (which are excellent) as others in the same position here have less responsiblity). I have read replies to others with this question and found that if there is no contract signed, there's really nothing that can be done. However, I have a hard time accepting that this is legal because in theory, a person could begin as a Clerical Assistant I and as duties and responsibilities are added, have the workload of a District Manager, yet still be classified as a Clerical Assistant I. Any thoughts?

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    If you are asking is there an external law requiring that your wages be increased when your duties are increased, the answer is no.

    If you are asking is there maybe, possibly some sort of discrimination requirement that says people doing the same work most be paid the same, that is also generally no, although there in theory is the possibility that the employee could claim that the discrimination is as a result of something actually illegal, for example gender discrimination under Title VII.

    I would say that your best bet is to politely talk to Human Resources. Also remember that this is a very down economy, and squeaky wheels tend to get laid off. I have been in your situation before, and my answer was always to wait for a good economy, then change employers. That tended to greatly increase my rate in pay.
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      Thank you for your reply

      That's exactly what I'm doing although my supervisor is now trying for my reclassification. He was unaware of what HR had done with the job description and when I showed him my research, he was livid. At this point, I'm pretty disenchanted with Georgia and really believe that this isn't an employer I want to invest my longterm effort into.


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