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Fired for office politics and off-the-clock incident Georgia

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  • Fired for office politics and off-the-clock incident Georgia

    I work for a doctor's office. I was returning from lunch yesterday and pulled into our parking lot only to find a guy and his enormous double extended cab Ford F-150 (or whatever it was) blocking the entire entrance. I obviously stopped, backed up to give him room to maneuver, and he still couldn't maneuver this montrosity of a vehicle around as a UPS truck pulled up behind him at this point. I backed up further nearly back out into the street as he finally pulled out, I pulled in, and I thought the incident was over. Then, he circles the parking lot as I was walking back to the office, stopped literally in front of me, got out of his vehicle, and demanded to know who I was. I said, "Why?" He said, "Because I'm Dr. ___________ [left blank on purpose] and I want to know. For the record, he is not affiliated with our practice. So, I told him my name and I have a logo on my shirt so he knew where I work. He wanted to know how long I'd worked there then he said I have no right to park where I [Yes, in my own employer's parking lot which is not a private parking lot or anything] was and said if I didn't move my vehicle, he would have it towed. I'd bought eggs over lunch [to make brownies that night] and I said, "OK, let me take this back to the office and I'll move it." He said, "OK" and I did so. By the time I returned back to the office, my practice administrator called me in, said, "Dr. ____________ called in and said you were the rudest person ever and wanted to talk to the doctors but I told him they were all busy. I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to let you go." Flabbergasted, I said that I didn't understand because I backed up, gave him room, and even answered all his questions even though, quite frankly, I thought he was a ***** of a doctor who just had a bad day and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, I've been there three months, just received a promotion, this has nothing to do with my work, and this is all politics of one single doctor referring patients who called in and said, presumably, I don't like this guy and I want him gone. I'm a paralegal and I understand all about at-will employment but termination of employment is usually work-related in some manner. This incident was off the clock on my lunch break and I believe I have a good case for some type of wrongful termination/emotional distress. What are your thoughts???

    I know there's not a case against my employer but what about a personal civil case against the other doctor? It seems to be that, in essence, assuming that I retired from the medical practice that he interfered with the potential earning of lifetime wages (from my age now until age 65) in excess of $1,000,000. Wouldn't it seem there's some type of personal liability involved possibly emotional distress?

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    Duplicate thread - do not respond to.
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      Yes I would still appreciate responses

      If you find the duplicate thread, it is under the original post entitled "hiring and firing". When I found another thread that I believed to be more state-specific - this "Georgia Labor Laws" thread - I did give the same information to gain different viewpoints from different people that may not search the message boards as the moderator is able. If you have an opinion on the subject, I would still like it. Thank you.


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        Please post any alternate points of view on the original thread.

        We do not get too fussy about posts being under the perfect forum, and all the responders read all the employment law forums. Posting multiple threads will not get you more or better answers, and it will be the same people responding in both places.
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