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Appel for UE questions Georgia, what to submit Georgia

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  • Appel for UE questions Georgia, what to submit Georgia

    I have a few questions over the appealing process and what all I should include in the initial appeal and what I should limit if I should receive a herring.

    I have received the determination letter from the state DOL. The reasoning was failure to properly notify my employer when I was absent on a Friday; section 34-8-194(2)(A).

    I was detained by the local police department the morning prior to work Friday (12:30 a.m. according to the traffic citation for hitting an abandoned car with my automobile) and was in the state hospital for evaluation until around noon on the Friday that I was not at work.
    I then was transported and detained at the state detention center until Saturday morning around 2-3 a.m. I was only allowed the phone call for posting bond and I was only able to make this call after 6 p.m. that Friday. The hours of operation where I work is form 8 a.m.- 5 p.m Monday through Friday.
    I eventually was able to contact one of the supervisors on the Sunday following all of this and continued to contact my employer until my termination on the Tuesday following the weekend.
    I had no car to go to work, and I could not retrieve it until the Tuesday morning following this weekend. The supervisor that I spoke with on Sunday and Monday told me to take care of what I needed to and that everything at work was fine without me being there. I did not retrieve a separation letter from this employer. I had not been warned that my job was in jeopardy. I had been very much supported via supervisors that I was a company asset and had been promoted to my position due to my workmanship.

    What should I state in this letter, under this section 34-8-194 (B) stated under (i) and (ii) seems to alow me to state contating my employer was out of my control. Should I make refrence to this?

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    In an UI appeal, you always want to put whatever is the truth.
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      Appel for UE questions Georgia, what to submit Georgia

      I should just list the reasoning as what the events that kept me from calling. Much like the time line that I just listed above, is there a formal style that I should write this appeal?
      Thanks for the resopnce


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        Sorry but being in jail for hitting an abandonned vehicle is not an "excuse" for not showing up at work or calling. Your employer isn't obligated to overlook it. Whether or not you get UI is debateable but just explain when you would have been able to get word to your employer or why you were not able to do so until you did. Hospitals do have phones so if there was a reason you could not use one to call, you need to share that.
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