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Ga Boss creating a hostile working enviroment Georgia

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  • Ga Boss creating a hostile working enviroment Georgia

    I work for a small business owner 4 employees.

    The boss like having discussion on men verses women and why women like to argue and if they listen to a man more they would keep a man.

    I try and stay out of it but this week he dragged me into it and did not like my response when I said that was not true. He bullied, berated me for about 3 hours because I would not see his point. And told me because I did not agree I was being illogical and he did not want anyone working for him that could not think logically and explain themselves.

    I asked him many times if he could please drop this conversation I had work to do, and he said NO. This is his company and I was not to finish what I had to do until I finish this discussion. And what he says is a fact cause everyone else agrees with him and that proves how illogical I was because it's 3 against 1.

    I am 5 months pregnant and I got so upset I started having cramps, I told him this and he still would not leave me alone. He then demanded I come to his office and at the top of his voice he berated me even more that I prove his point women are illogical. I even said your right and I am wrong to finish this conversation and he said "no he knew I didn’t really mean it I was just saying it to pacify him and he was not letting this go until I can explain my reasons why, I did not agree that women are emotional, irrational and illogical and like to argue when they are wrong just to hear themselves talk".

    I started crying and got really upset, he finally said conversation dropped, I left his office and before I could sit down he buzzed me back into his office again. He started the entire topic again that I needed to explain my self, I told him he is bullying me, yelling at me and pushing this on me and making me very upset. He said I could go. Then he buzzed me back into his office again and said he didn’t appreciate me saying he was yelling. I told him he was speaking in an elevated voice and even with his doors closed my co-workers could hear him outside. He said he does not have to soft talk to me and he is not yelling. He started on me again and when I stated to cry once again he left me leave his office. It was the end of the day and I left thru another door so I wouldn’t have to walk pass his office.

    That entire evening I cried and experience bad cramps, the next day I went to work and the cramps were so bad I had to leave and go to dr. I was given a dr's note to rest for 5 days not to work.

    I feel trapped, I need my job but I am scare that anymore abuse from my boss would endanger the safety of my baby. I can't file an EEO complaint because he must have 15 or more employees.

    Any suggestions??

    And it I quit for harassment could I file unemployment in GA?
    Also I did not work in 2007 I was a student, I started working May 2008.

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    Moron Boss

    I am not a lawyer but my suggestion would be to purchase a small tape recorder or perhaps a small video camera setup. The video is more of an expense but I know several friends who have made this work well for them. I have found in Georgia that an employee has little to no rights that can be applied to morons like you are having to deal with or much anything else for that matter. Get it on tape and nail this moron.


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      While Georgia allows audio recording, video recording is NOT allowed without consent of all parties.
      I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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        Agree, there are privacy laws you have to be aware of.
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