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Employer paid me for 40 hours instead of 80 and says I have to wait... Florida

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  • Employer paid me for 40 hours instead of 80 and says I have to wait... Florida

    I'm a salaried employee in FL and our most recent bi-weekly pay period ran from 02/05 - 02/18 and the payroll pay date was 02/23 for the 2 week period. Employer errantly entered my hours as 40 instead of 80 -- so my paycheck is 1/2 of what it's supposed to be. Employer owned up to the mistake, but says that I have to wait until the next payroll on 03/09 to receive the wages that I should have received yesterday. As a consequence of their payroll error I'll be 9 days late paying my rent, which means I'll incur around $140 in late fees and have eviction notices posted on my apartment around the 5th of the month or so...

    Curious if my employer is in violation of any FL labor statutes or if I'll have any recourse for the late fees and so forth they're causing me.


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    FL may or may not have any related laws but FL is infamous for not enforcing what little labor law there is. FL is one of the few states with no department of labor and no enforcement method (other then going to court). Many/most FL employers know this and treat their employees accordingly.

    There is a running argument here about what the most treat-employees-like-dog-s*** state is. FL may or may not be the worst, but it is in the worst 2-3.
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      Legal recourse, almost no. As DAW says, FL is one of the worse states in the nation regarding labor law, at least from the employee perspective. Even in states that do have more employee friendly laws, your employer still wouldn't be responsible for your late fees or any of that. I say this without judgment because I understand living paycheck to paycheck but no state considers it your employer's problem that you have no savings to cover an emergency like this.

      My best advice is that, while I understand the situation is grossly unfair and you have every right to be angry, you catch more flies with honey. Ask nicely, if there is any way they can loan/advance you at least part of the money, that you need it to pay rent. Perhaps they have a petty cash drawer they could give you a couple hundred bucks, enough to cover your rent at least.


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