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Given Promotion and Promised Pay Raise

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  • Given Promotion and Promised Pay Raise

    Thanks in advance for any help. From 9/2010 - 5/2011, I worked for a custodial and facility services company in Orlando, Florida. I started as a part-time bathroom attendant, paid $7.50/hr. On 12/25/10, I was given the authority and responsibilities of a part-time supervisor, and in 1/2011 was verbally offered the position of supervisor, along with two other workers. Only the on-site operations manager and the other two workers being promoted were present in the office.

    No paperwork was signed by any of us, and no other witnesses were present. The pay raise promised was $1.50/hr and was promised to be retroactive to the first date that each of us began supervising others. We were given a new uniform and acted in the new role from that date (which I can only estimate) forward. However no pay raise was ever added to our checks. I was told by the administrative assistant that paperwork does exist but it is still sitting on the site manager's desk. I gave 11 days notice and left the company on 5/1/11.

    I went to the manager approximately four times about the promised raise before I left the company, and was told that some sort of vague "documentation" was needed by the home office but that he was working on it. I was promised that a separate check would be cut for the retroactive pay. I still have received nothing. I called the payroll department at the company's home office and was told I would be notified after it had been looked into, but no response from them.

    One more thing...An employee in the same situation at the same company was promoted about three months prior to me. He finally did receive retroactive pay in 4/2011.

    What, if any, recourse at this point, do I have? I was advised to file a complaint with the Department of Labor, but with no signed contract or agreement, and the only witnesses claiming the same injustice, is there any course of action I can take to see my back pay?

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    There is no FL DOL and federal DOL is not interested in this sort of thing. Small claims court is an option.
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