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What to do? Florida

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  • What to do? Florida

    I started out in my position very optomistic but as time as passed, I now believe that my employer is unethical! No one has ever addressed my concerns of unfair or biased hiring procedures. When brought to the attention of human resources, supervisor, manager, and senior manager my experience and education was recognized but was never explained why I was not qualified. My supervisor mentioned on several occasions that they along with management would assist me in securing the training and experience needed to obtain a promotion. Was encouraged on several occasions by management to submit for posting(s) but was never notified of application status or acceptance despite many email and face to face request for updates.

    I initially spoke with my supervisor and manager in regards to my desire to advance my career within the company and they stated they would assist me where ever possible that I may gain the needed knowledge. As time progressed, they began to give the training to individuals that complained about favoritism and therefore eliminated my opportunity except for a 2-week period in which all associates were to receive. Eventually this opportunity was canceled completely and given permanently to another individual. My supervisor never spoke with me as to why I was not given the opportunity as agreed upon. Several positions were posted internally that I applied for due to qualifications. My first experience was before I even started with the company. They had posted a position that more closely resembled my backgroung. Of course I contacted the human resource recruiter and was told that he could not review my application for that position unless I decided to reject the entry level position.

    Once in the position I requested to be considered for a lateral move to a position with more responsibility but was never acknowledge as qualified though my work stats or experience. Eventually my supervisor pushed another associate with less position experience and lower quality scores into that position. That associate eventually left the company without any notice.

    After not being selected for the lateral move, management then decided to “unofficially” assign me into the position. At which time, I would relieve supervisors and mentors when they were in meetings and/or absent from work. Also I would complete regular assignments such as operations floor walking, side by side quality monitoring, adherence spreadsheet formatting and monitoring, and off-phone duty team quality improvement sessions. During this time, positions became available for Acting Supervisors. I was highly encouraged by management and quality to submit for the posting. I did so but only after speaking with management to ensure my resume was up to standard. I was never acknowledged nor was I given any reason for not being considered.

    After this situation, my supervisor stated I was highly regarded among the management team and would be the person to shadow them while they learned the duties of the Operations Representative. I was never given this opportunity as stated. The position was given to another associate. Still I have not been given any explaination as to why things are the way they are.

    I have another concern that I've personally experienced but is also spoke of amongst our team. My supervisor has a tendency to barter with associates. Doing things such as offering to allow associates to leave work without adherence points if they purchase them lunch. They have also borrowed several hundred dollars from associates on the team and has yet to pay them back. It is also been stated that the current team mentor is the reason the supervisor’s spouse is now currently employed.

    While I have applied for several postings that I was clearly qualified to at least receive an interview for, I was never afforded the opportunity. I was used by management to fill in for supervisors and mentors when they were understaffed but somehow or another, I’m not qualified to fill any of the positions I’ve applied for. On top of the obvious unfair/biased practices, they will not even respond to email request for updates. Even when they do respond, it’s typically after they have completed their selection process.

    Once that has been done, they do not provide any feedback whatsoever as to what I must do to be better qualified. However in a recent team meeting with the manager, stated that promotions were not given based on prior experience or education but on what is called a scorecard. My concern there is that just because an individual can answer calls in a call center, does not prove to any extent that they are qualified to supervise, train, mentor, coach, or any other operations related task within an organization.

    I too have maintained high scores but that apparently is not the turn determining factor for promotion.

    What should I do???

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    Obviously, this employer is no longer interested in helping you "advance your career" with them. None of what you posted are they legally required to do unless you had a bona fide contract requiring it. "Complaining" up the ladder 4 levels is going to label you, if I may be so blunt, a trouble-maker. Looks like it's time to start pursuing other opportunities.
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      Agree, see nothing done by employer that is illegal (minus a binding contract to the contrary). Your best bet probably is to look for "suitable" employment elsewhere.
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