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Time clock fraud guidelines Florida

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  • Time clock fraud guidelines Florida

    I work for a global company and while attempting to leave work today, I had grabbed my purse and personal belongings out of my locker and then realized I had forgotten to return my equipment and sign it back in. I put down my belongings on the desk and proceeded to sign the equipment in. After I had finished, I picked up my purse and then made my way to the timeclock to punch out. The "acting" HR manager was standing next to the timeclock and glanced down and saw I was leaving work and quickly proceeded to tell me that from now on I need to punch out first and then remove my personal belongings from the locker because otherwise it is considered time clock fraud (after I had already told her what I was doing). This really offended me that she accused me of committing timeclock fraud after I have worked for this company for 3 years. I was just wondering if that is considered to be timeclock fraud and if it isn't what would be the appropriate manner to handle this situation. Thank you.

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    This is not really a legal issue. The law says that employers must pay nonexempt employees for all time worked. Most employers use time clocks to track time worked, but a time clock is not required by law and there are few if any laws covering how the time clock is to be used. Your company may have a policy covering time clocks that she is referring to, though.

    The time spent stowing and retreiving your personal belongings is not legally considered time worked and doesn't have to be paid. If someone in authority over you asks you to clock out before you do that, you should do it and you can be legally fired or disciplined for not doing so.

    On a more personal note, though, chastising you about it for a one-time incident when she knew what was going on was probably not necessary. Just try not to be offended and make sure you clock out before getting your purse out of the locker from now on.


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