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Should I talk to corporate or an attorney? Florida

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  • Should I talk to corporate or an attorney? Florida

    Please let me know if any laws were broken/bent or if I'd benefit from speaking to an attorney or writing corporate.

    I was hired by a (fast food chain) location in (major retail chain).
    I worked for 6 days and trained 3 of them, I was never given a formal application to fill out (just a blank sheet of paper).
    I was never given a time card, employment papers, any agreement, etc. Never gave them a copy of my driver's license, social security card, etc.

    When I went to the manager (then the boss) to get my W4's and any other agreements signed, I was stonewalled and told to return to work.

    I called the boss Monday night and she said she'd be in on Tuesday to give me the papers I needed. I told her I wasn't comfortable working without being "on the books" or having any sort of official relationship with the company. I was worried that if I was hurt on the job, where would the liability be?

    She said she'd be in at 11Am the next day when my shift started. The next day came and she wasn't there. I asked the manager and was told she'd be in at 4 (after I was done already). We ended up calling her and she played dumb when asked about the papers "what papers?"

    The phone was handed back to the manager and they spoke. He then turned to me and told me to leave if I was uncomfortable and that the owner would replace me and I'd be paid for time spent there.

    I feel like I was fired for speaking up about filling out my LEGAL documents related to my employment. What can I do?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I have deleted your duplicate post. Please post each question only once as all the responders read all the employment law forums, and duplicates only serve to confuse the issue.

    Also, please do not name your employer by name.

    I would start by contacting corporate headquarters.
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