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commisions due before termination Florida

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  • commisions due before termination Florida

    My commisiion with this company has been 5% of all completed jobs, paid upon collection on teh following 1st and 15th of the month. Company changed it's commission release policy beginning the first of the year to be all jobs collected in a month are processed the following month and paid on the 1st of the following, without regard to job completion date. (January collections, February process, March 1st paid for all January collections)

    on March 6th I was terminated. No commissions for January have been paid. What is my former employer obligated to pay? All completed jobs uncollected or otherwise? Just January collections due in March? February collections recieved during my employment but not yet scheduled for payment?

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    Have any of the current employees received theirs yet? Have you asked the company? What do they say?
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      yes, the gentleman who was working under me received his with todays payroll today. Surprizingly enough I did not receieve my weekly salary check today either. Termination was yesterday without written warning or severence. They now owe for last weeks salary, this weeks salary, and whatever commission I am actually due. The explanation during the week for the delay in commission (not out on the first) was that they had not gotten around to it yet. Today I went to the office and inquired about the problem and was told I would have to wait until they looked into it. Received voice message saying 2 pay roll checks would be released next week. No mention of commission. I suspect they will try to see what they can get by with, and whether or not I know what I am entitled to. They have operated similarly with other people they do business with.


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        FL is not my state. I can say that FL does not have a state DOL so recourse is either small claims court or talking to an attorney about a general court action.
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