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Boss from Hell!! Florida

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  • Boss from Hell!! Florida

    We provide financial information for our customers from which our customers base their budgets for the year. If the customer receives the wrong information, the customer could be over or understating the monies they need for the year. No training is provided for this position, it's just sink or swim. My supervisor feels the need to de grade myself and another co worker if a mistake is made in front of everyone. When asked to stop this type of behavior, she acts if we're being overly sensitive and says it's too avoid others from making the same mistake. Ok, that would be cool but, if my other co workers make a mistake, my supervisor will pull them in the office and show them where they went wrong. This supervisor also blames things that go wrong on people that leave the firm and will continuously belittle them to us to no end.
    I've asked for training so that I would understand what I am doing better, but have been told, it's too busy around here to stop to train. We don't have a HR department, so we can't take it there. Previous employees have gone to "the supervisor's supervisors" but don't feel that there is a problem. One former employee went to a lawyer and the supervisor went around to the other employees and got them to sign an "affidavit" saying that she is a good monager. Would a good manager need to do that?
    I would love to quit, but have no other income. I am job searching, but in this economy, it's slow going. Any suggestions?

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    As long as the belittling treatment is not related to a legally protected characteristic, such as age, race, gender, etc., it's not illegal, although it's certainly bad management.

    As for the "affidavit", it doesn't mean squat. You can sign it or not sign it.
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      One former employee went to a lawyer and the supervisor went around to the other employees and got them to sign an "affidavit" saying that she is a good monager. Oh, brother. What a waste of a piece of paper. Being a lousy supervisor (and stupid as well) isn't illegal. Unfortunately, this isn't the first boss who thinks humiliating employees is a way to motivate them into doing better.

      All I can advise you is to tough it out until you find a new job opportunity. Good luck.


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        Really no suggestions except to put up with it while looking for other employment as the other responder also suggested.

        If you quit, you're not likely to get unemployment ins. so you don't want to do that w/o having another job first.

        Good luck.
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          Oh well...

          I am trying to bear with it, considering this economy. Sad that supervisors are able to get away with unprofessional and incompetent behavior and workers must deal or leave.

          Thanks for the help!!


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