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Florida Wrongful Termination & "AT WILL" Policy Florida

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  • Florida Wrongful Termination & "AT WILL" Policy Florida

    I am finding Florida one of the most horrid states to work in and be secure.

    Employers can do anything to employees from poor office environment to verbal abuse,cursing, screaming, throwing things, and there is no recourse for the employee. The only option is to leave and then you have cut your throat.

    In 2006 I was approached and offered a contract.
    I was uncomfortable in my current position for reasons that I will not disclose in this forum. Let's just say (lack of fudiciary responsibility by mgmt) and in my position I was worried about possible legal ramifications. I accepted the offer. I was given contract and mandatory starting date.

    I started and was there one week and then I was called and told there was no desk for me; then I was told office was under construction, etc.
    They kept up with numerous excuses for better than 4 months just to keep me hanging on. Finally, when I became more insistant I was told that I should find something else. No reason, no explanations. That was it.

    I recently found out that this employer had already made a decision not to employ me PRIOR to the dictated and mandated starting date. He let me walk around that office for 1 week, introducing me to client's and other employees stating that I was joining his team. But he already what he knew what he was going to do. He let me work for 1 week just to get by the "At Will" policy of Florida; it also left me with no way to claim unemployment.

    There is more that employees have to face other than sexual harrassment,
    discrimination, etc., however, Florida does not recognize this.

    I was fraudulently enticed away from my employment. I have been trying to find legal help for over 2 years with no luck and I have still not found employment. The wrongful termination attorneys only fight if I've been abused
    sexually or for the color of my skin; not abused in real "wrongful termination" matters.

    Florida employers ABUSE the "At Will" policy and they also abuse their employees. We either "suck it up" and go crazy or leave. They use this policy to get away with so much more.

    I believe that there is a statute regarding Fraudulent Enticement but I cannot get the legal community to go there.

    So, for anyone who is planning on moving to FLorida for employment purposes, my advice is RUN don't walk away from this state.
    Are you in favor of states having an AT WILL policy
    Are you in favor of states changing the AT WILL policy

    The poll is expired.

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    The purpose of this site is not to bash the laws as they exist. Did you have a question?
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Thought the purpose was to discuss the issues and share experiences.
      Thought the purpose was to get input to a situation that (from what I am seeing) is becoming pervasive.
      I thought that was how changes potentially come about........
      I didn't realize comments and experiences were up for attack.
      The question is: What constitutes a fair and moral termination and why
      are employers abusing the antiquated AT WILL policy?


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