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Salaried employee with commissions Florida

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  • Salaried employee with commissions Florida

    My sister has been changed to Salaried plus commissions. However, she only gets paid $250 per week...and with the economy the way it is, makes very little in commission. I've heard about the $455 per week law...does this still apply since she gets plus commissions? I would think they would need to make her get to $455 per week if commissions didn't get her there...but I'm not sure since pure commissions you get what you sell.

    Also, they call her and text her every day numerous there any law that requires them to pay for a cell phone or reimburse her for anything?

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    "Salaried" is just a payment method and does not mean much by itself. The starting point is to find out just what the job duties are, where the job duties are done and what is the industry.


    Employee paid business expenses are complicated. There are exactly two states that have some type of labor law requiring expense reimbursements (neither of which is your state). It is possible that a small claims court action would work. It is also possible that if we have an employee subject to minimum wage laws, and whom is be paid closed to minimum wage, that the employer creating unreimbursed business expense may be a violation of the FLSA "free and clear" provision associated with the minimum wage rules. This is a fairly technical argument.
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