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One last question regarding rights Georgia Florida Florida

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  • One last question regarding rights Georgia Florida Florida

    My husband, after hearing what all I've learned from reading a few hundred questions now in this forum (great information, btw, thank you) asked "Do employees have ANY rights in Florida beyond quitting and going elsewhere?" With the economic hardships right now, it's almost impossible to find anything in his area.

    I noticed way back when someone asked along those lines but really no answer. Is there somewhere where employees rights are stated in black and white that I can print out for him and he can actually see what rights he has in Florida?

    Oh...if this helps he's a blue collar worker...automotive industry. This place he's with now has NO leave time, sick pay, paid holidays...anything at all...for anyone under mechanic's status. He's never run into such a terribly run place before, let alone absolute zero incentive to stay or work harder. Yet his boss tells him almost daily..."you got a job, don't you?"

    Just a's interesting...we come from Illinois. Employers market in our town, but at least when you worked for them, they were reasonable, had normal breaks, lunches, paid holidays, etc. etc. If an employer was a total jerk like these idiots he's worked for down here in 3 different companies, you could bet someone, even Better Business Bureau if nothing else, was going to be breathing down their neck. Employers KNEW their boundaries. Down's simply...screw you. *shaking head* What do you think...laws? Or just plain decency?

    Thanks for all your help!

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    OOOPS...sorry about all those state things

    I hit wrong one, corrected, saw both were there, corrected again....but....


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      The BBB is a consumer agency and has nothing at all to do with employment issues. However, I will agree that the IL DOL is much more active than Florida. Florida does not even have a state DOL any more.

      If you are looking for an all-complete, exhaustive list of what rights he does and does not have, such a list does not exist anywhere. There are too many different agencies monitoring too many different issues. For example, wage issues are handled by the DOL; discrimination issues by the EEOC; safety issues by OSHA; workers comp issues by the individual state agencies, and so on.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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        Oh, ok, thank you. I didn't stop to think about OSHA and the like.

        You're right about the BBB. I got to thinking about that afterwards, and remembered that back home some kind of attorney general or the like's office was in the same place as the BBB. That's probably who actually paid attention. lol

        I'll just tell him he's between a rock and hard place and he better get comfortable.

        Thanks for you help!


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