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Policy handbook, abuse, anyone we can contact Florida

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  • Policy handbook, abuse, anyone we can contact Florida

    When my husband was hired by (deleted), he was required to sign a company manual before he had read it. Since this is so common with so many companies, he simply did as he was told. After we started having questions as to business practices being conducted, I read the manual from front to back. When it mentions something, it may give a short sentence or paragraph, then in italics, it will say "See Vacation Policy", "See Sick Leave Policy", "See Termination Policy", etc. etc. After going back and forth thru the manual at least 3 times, I have found there are no policies TO see, be seen, be read, etc. As with so many other items that my husband has tried to get information regarding from his manager, he's told, we'll take care of it later.

    I've been reading thread after thread...thru #500 at this point...and I've seen nothing regarding whether they're required by law to provide in full disclosure company policies that they threaten their employees with daily. Not so much vacation, sick days, holidays, etc (which we DID have questions regarding but have been answered thru this forum now)...but rather...forgetting to put an oil plug back in, tardiness, arguing, fighting, etc. What polices ARE, what rights employees HAVE, what employers can DO.

    a) Is it law that his manager provide an obviously separate manual stating in full wording regarding company policies?
    b) Although I've seen many instances of different types so far in my reading in this forum, is it legal for his manager to threaten his job daily with "I can fire you" or "there are 10 applications in there on my desk just waiting for me to call them"? (he does this with all his employees)
    c) Is it legal to not even write up an employee for attempting to punch another employee, but write up a different employee for not putting air in a tire?

    From my reading, I've ascertained Florida must be one of the worst states to work in. This is my husbands 3rd job in this state and every manager has been abusive in this manner, his last one actually screaming and calling them names daily.

    d) Is there anyone we can contact thru letters to make an attempt to get someone to change these laws?
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    Based on your post, I see nothing illegal here. All employees do not have to be treated the same as long as they aren't discriminated against due to a reason prohibited by law (ie age, religion, gender).

    The only way to get any types of laws passed/changed is to petition/write your state representatives.
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      So if they're not required by law to provide a detailed policy manual...can they legally fire for breaking policy?

      Or is this a Catch-22 since they wouldn't put him to work until he signed that he had received, read and agreed to one?


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        Any "firing" that does not violate a specific law or public policy is a legal firing.

        I think what you may be talking about is unemployment. The great majority of people receiving UI benefits were legally fired. The company which makes its policies clear, gets written acknowledgement from the employees that they have received copies of such policies (or at least a summary), and documents the failure to abide by such policies is going to be WAY ahead when it comes to protesting a claim for UI by a fired employee who has violated one of the policies.
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