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UI Benefits - Accepting Suitable Work Florida

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  • UI Benefits - Accepting Suitable Work Florida

    Hello I need help ASAP.

    I have recently applied for UI benefits and the approval is not back yet. I am being offered a job at the company that I was working at through a temp agency.

    The job offer is about 22% less then what I was making on contract. (I was making 42K and they are offering 33K). The position for Inside Sales. I worked Procurement before.

    My question is if I refuse this offer can my UI Benefits be denied?

    I found this information at

    60BB‑3.019 Determinations Regarding Suitable Work.[/B]

    In addition to the standards listed in Section 443.101(2), Florida Statutes, the following criteria will apply. Generally, work will not be considered suitable during the first 60 days a claimant is unemployed if:

    (1) It pays less than 90% of the claimant's average weekly wage during the base period; or
    (2) It would require a material change in occupation for the claimant.

    Specific Authority 120.53(1)(6), 443.171(2)(a) FS. Law Implemented 443.091(1), 443.101(2) FS. History‑New 8‑25‑92, Formerly 38B‑3.019.

    Need to know ASAP because the HR Recruiter is waiting for me to call her back. Ugggghhhh!

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    No one here can give you a guarantee as to what would happen. I doubt if anyone here has any more information than the UI office has.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      I know no one can know for sure what they would do at the end.

      I was just hoping that someone on here might have some experience with a situation like this. I know there are tons of cases out there disputing suitable work conflicts.

      Thanks anyway.


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