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1m 17 and been working for 2 onths havent gotten paid Florida

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  • 1m 17 and been working for 2 onths havent gotten paid Florida

    hi im 17 and my first job was at mcdonalds this past summer, while working their i met dis guy that said if i come work at his investment company i would be making alot of money he told me at first i would get paid $9.00 an hour plus $500.00 for each house i found for him that he ended up buying. so it seem like a great deal so i quit mcdonalds and went to his company. once i started working for him he told me i was going to get paid $7.50 an hour he changed it from $9.00 and hour but i didnt say anything because it seemed like a good job. but than out of no where 3 weeks later he says im not getting paid that no more im only getting paid commision from now on. now is that legal to do that? now i have been working their for 2 months and only gotten paid $300.00 i started working on august 14 and it is october 19 today, i have 5 properties for him 2 of them should have closed by now but one of the roofs didnt get fixed in time and the other one he got into a conflict wit the title company so it didnt close. right now i am seriously thinking about quiting but i do not want to feel like i wasted all my tim working here so i am thinking of suing him for money that i feel like im owed i work from 9:00 to 5:00 monday to friday, and i am just sick of not getting paid. he tells me i know the property is going to close 1 day and than it doesnt. now is their any legal action my parents would be able to take? how much do u think they would be able to sue for if possible? please help me out.

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    The only legal recourse you have in Florida is to either file a claim for unpaid wages with the federal Dept. of Labor or file a civil lawsuit (your parents may have to do that on your behalf; I don't know the law in your state regarding that). You can contact the federal DOL at 866-4-USWAGE.

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