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benefits? Florida

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  • benefits? Florida

    My mother was hired as a pool position for a hospital approx. 2 months ago. A women at here job recently had a stroke and can not return. She was full- time with health benefits. The supervisor offered the full-time position to my mother, but he refuses to give her the benefits. Now I would think that since the position included benefits for the other women, that my mother would be entitled to the benefits also. Is there any laws about this? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    There is no law that requires an employer to offer benefits.

    If your mother is eligible really depends on how the company's plan is designed. There may be a waiting period (which is not uncommon). Other factors may be considered (i.e. # of hours worked, is the position temporary, etc.).


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      Even if the previous employee received benefits for the exact same position? Also she is perminent, and works 40 hrs a week.
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        The company's plan documents should define eligibility requirements. I'd suggest having your mother read over them to see how/when/if she qualifies. The fact that the previous worker qualified does not, in itself, guarantee eligibility for your mother. Each company that offers health benefits has its own plan(s). And each plan may be different. Unfortunately the answer we can offer is not definitive since we do not have access to the plan documents for your mother's employer.


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          thank you I really appreciate it the quick replies


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