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unfair employee treatment Florida

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  • unfair employee treatment Florida

    I'm not sure who i need to contact this one on but if anyone can help i will be grateful. There is an employee at my job who gets away with everything.From eating on company time,to leaving early,verbally abusing other employees,no call no show for over 2 days,calling out an 1hr before scheduled time when company policy says at least 3,she NEVER brings in doctors notes hospital notes etc,which is company policy to and she causes alot of workplace Drama. I have gone thru all the chain of commands from my head manager to his supervisor basicly all the way to the top and they have said all the same thing that their hands are tied. We constanly have to change schedule's because of her to cover her work hours and they dont give us overtime for that,our problems are always being put to side because of her's. i've worked for the company longer than she has and she has gotten a raise b4 me,my evaluation/raise is 3 months overdue and they always put it off. Not fair!!! There is a rumor that she is related to the Big BOSS and that is why everyone has "their hands tied". Isnt there something i can do to have someone investigate this?? Or somewhere i can go to??? Please help our whole dept. is frustrated already,every1 wants to quit,we've already had two that did. We are understaffed and unappriciated. Thanks

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    Looks like you have done all you can.

    No federal or state agency can intervene unless laws are broken and I see nothing in the post to indicate that the company is doing anything illegal.

    Ultimately, the problem is one for the owner(s) of the company. If the problem starts costing the company money (turnover, lost production, etc), then maybe the Big Boss will do something. Until then, you have the choice of leaving for a better place or gritting your teeth and hoping things will change soon.
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