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2 Week Notice Florida

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  • 2 Week Notice Florida

    I am an employer rather then an employee. I had an assistant manager who opened the store ran the store for 2 hrs and then decided to quit so closed the store and left.

    She gave the store keys to her sister who works at my other store and never showed up again.

    2 Questions

    1) Is there any thing legally I can do about that. Example lost business in the 2-3 hrs in which I realized by store was close.

    2) I know I cannot withhold their paycheck. But am i suppose to by law give her the normal rate she was hired at or can I pay her a min-wage for the hrs she worked.

    Seeing what she did 2 other employees quit the same way. I don't want this to be a trend. Since I cannot do anything about it they don’t seem to mind doing that.

    These are (large restaurant chain) so its not like the employees care about their jobs but it leaves me hanging when an employee quits in the middle of the shift or before their shift starts. I would like to know what my options are.



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    If these are large, chain-store restaurants why was it necessary to close the restaurant just because a single manager walked off the job?

    Moreover, you appear to have a morale issue that needs managing ...


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      rjc has a valid point. Solving the root issue will be more important than trying to punish an employee who put you in a bind. I understand that it's hard to find good help. But this approach will not deter future occurances.


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        There is no law in Florida that specifically prohibits you from paying minimum wage without notice to the employee. Having said that, though, I agree with robb71 and rjc. What the heck are people doing "walking" like this? You have a much bigger problem than just deciding to lower the wage of a terminated employee without notifying them.
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