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Florida non-compete Florida

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  • Florida non-compete Florida

    Any guidance on non-competes in Florida? I was coerced into signing one for my company almost 5 years ago...back when I actually enjoyed coming to work. But as happens, things change (including the attitude of the boss) and I'm miserable. I still like the work, just not the conditions. I have an opportunity to pursue work with a competing company, but not sure if Florida courts have a propensity for enforcing non-competes.
    Any enlightenment would be most appreciated.

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    Sorry, but there are a few things that are beyond the ability of a message board to help with, and interpreting an agreement we have not read is one of them.

    You'll have to show the agreement to a Florida attorney. Many give free or low cost consultations.

    As an FYI, an attorney I sometimes work with says that you should always assume anything you sign is enforceable unless an attorney (or a judge) says it's not.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      thanks cbg. Kinda the same thing I've heard from a couple other folks.

      btw...great forum...some very interesting stuff here!


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        You used a term, "coerced," that if proven will most certainly invalidate the non-compete agreement. Care to elaborate why you consider what happened coercion?


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          "coerced" was incorrect. My apologies.
          I have been with the company for more than two decades in various locations and never signed a non-compete...was never asked to. Then a blanket directive came out that all present associates and all new associates must sign a non-compete as a condition of employment, no matter the position.


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            I do not think we have any FL attorneys who contribute to this forum and I am not very well-versed in FL law, but in general courts have found that continued employment does not constitute legal consideration in order to find a non-compete enforceable.

            It most definitely does not qualify as coercion.

            It certainly would be in your best interest to seek legal counsel.


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