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Name Calling Florida

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  • Name Calling Florida

    A co-worker came to me the other day to find out why he hadn't recieved his auto allowance check. I explained to him that because he gave notice to quit the company my boss had told me not to cut his check. I told the co-worker that I only do as I'm told and he would need to speak to my supervisor. He then started to raise his voice and become arguementative while I remained calm and told him that he needed to speak with my boss. Then he told me to "F" off so in the heat of the moment I replied to him to "F" off. Then as he was walking out of my office he called me a "Fat B**ch" in front of other employees. So not only did he call me names but everyone in the office heard him yelling at me. I told my boss what happened and a couple people in the office also went to her and told her that they heard him call me the above name and also heard him yelling at me. My boss told me that we were going to all sit down together and talk about what happened. That was 3 weeks ago and we still haven't met regarding this issue. I feel like this issue needs to be addressed because it was extremely disrepectful.

    Do I have any rights to make this conversation happen or for the fact that he spoke to me the way he did. What can I do about this?

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    Name calling is not in itself illegal. The boss is not obligated to deal with it the way you want him to, or at all.

    You didn't help your cause any by responding the way you did.
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