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Unfair labor in Florida at Wal Mart?

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  • Unfair labor in Florida at Wal Mart?

    I hope to get some good information with this, and thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

    To start with let me explain my situation. My wife works for Wal Mart as an Assistant Manager. She is salry. She gets no overtime. My first question is this. Is there any cap on the ammount of hours that they can work her per pay perioud. She is averaging about 85 hours a week. They are honestly trying to kill her. Not to mention, she had to transfer when she got the position and drives an hour each way. This is keeping her very exhausted.

    Another problem is she is being required to learn things as a new manager,and I understand this, but when she is told to do something that she does not know how to do yet, they do not help her learn, nor do they give her the time to find out and learn. She has to literally go in on her days off to get time to go on the training computer and try to learn. All the help she gets is her boss telling her to "make time". Of course this is after he gives her a list of things to do that can not humanly be possible durring the hours she is supposed to be at work.

    She does not mind working hard, it is her nature, but dang. There is so many things that she has to put up with to keep her job that I can stay on this thing all day and type. It is for sure a hostile work enviroment.

    HELP HELP HELP. I just got off of the phone with her and she is in tears! What can we do. We cant afford for her to just quit. Not to mention it is not fair. She is trying to get vested with retirement. She is required to do things that the men are not required to do. Help Please!

    I will accept any suggestions.
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    Unfortunately, as an exempt employee, there isn't any limit to the hours that she must work, as a Florida employee. (Some states limit the days an employee can work in retail. Florida isn't one of them.)

    As far as her manager's actions are concerned, they could either be as a result of poor management skill or an intention to discriminate against her because of her race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, pregnancy status or as retaliation for issues such as sexual harassment, filing a complaint, etc. If it is discriminatory, I know that Walmart is very sensitive about these issues, because of their latest legal troubles in that area. Perhaps she should contact the Human Resources Department. They will want to help her.

    Another way that she can go is to talk with her manager and ask for assistance. Let him know that she wants some additional training with him in order to do her job properly. He may be willing to give a little should she ask for help.
    Lillian Connell

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      First let me say thanks for the reply. It does sadden me that they can just work her a unlimited amount of hours, but I guess that is ok. As far as asking her manager for help. Already done. Her problems are comming from the Co-Manager from what I can gather. It seems that he does not treat the Male Managers the same as he does the female associates or managers. The Store Manager has been made aware as has the District Manager. Some improvement has been made, however, the problem remains. It just kills me that they are treating her this way. She really does work her but off for them. I realize I am a bit bias, but all of the associates say the same thing about her. They all love to work under her because she works hard with them.

      It seems they are holding her accountable for a mess that existed before she went to that store. Not to mention as I said earlier, they offer no resaulve to the situation. Not sure what to do.....ERRRRRRRRR.

      I think this is why there is a problem with violence in the work place. I am the type of person that is very level headed, and I have found myself very upset over this thing. I cant even imagine what whould happen if I was a violent freak, dang.

      Thanks for the advise about the H.R. department, I have not even thaught about that angle yet. Great advice.


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        Exempt employees

        Under some salary contracts there is specified requirements. For instance I've saw one state that the employee was to work 45 hours a week, 4 weeks vacation a year, etc. As for the hours, this allowed the employee to flex the hours meaning if they worked 50 hours one week they'd work 40 the next. I'm not sure what the contract specified, but I'd suggest trying to find all the papers and see.

        I wish you the best.


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          One other note...if your wife feels that she doesn't get the results she should from the HR Department, your wife can contact the EEOC. If she files a complaint, she is protected against retaliation. Good luck and keep us informed.
          Lillian Connell

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            Thanks alot for the advice!


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