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Temping/time limit for working as a temp in District of Columbia

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  • Temping/time limit for working as a temp in District of Columbia

    I got a job thru a temp agency. I was supposed to stay with the temping agency for 6 months and then get hired. Two months after the 6 months were over I was contacted by HR and told about the different hiring options that they have like full time/part-time, and the benefits without offering me the job. I asked about compensation and I was told they'd get back to me on that.

    They got back to me after 9 months and then again was told that they have different hiring options like full time and part-time. Again I asked for the compensation for those options. I was told they'd get back to me but they still haven't. I send reminder e-mails but they do not reply. It's been two years now.
    What does the law say about working as a temp for an extended period of time. Is there a law that forces the company to hire a temp who has worked as a temp for long? If so, who enforces that - which gov't office? How do I contact them? What is the process?
    Appreciate any info regarding this.

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    There is no set in stone time limit for keeping someone a temp.
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