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Driver not paid hours worked? Connecticut

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  • Driver not paid hours worked? Connecticut

    Ok - I am a limousine driver in CT. I work for a large company with offices in several states including CT. I was given a trip that was picking up in NYC at 6 AM. We are supposed to call dispatch via a nextel 2 way radio whenever our status changes (ie we are enroute; onsite; have passenger; ride complete). I did not call the dispatcher when I left to head to NYC (this was our overnight dispatcher, located in our NYC office, who is notorious for not answering status calls). I did however call status 3 when I was onsite in NYC. I did not receive a response. At 6:35 AM, I called the passenger to see why he was not out yet. At this point the passenger told me that he canceled his ride the prior night (at 9:30 PM). I again tried to call the dispatcher and got no response. So I headed back up to the office in CT. When I confronted the manager about this I was informed that I should have called in status 2 and then I would have been told the trip had been canceled.
    Normally dispatchers are required to page a cancellation out to a driver or call them with the information (same with changes). The night dispatcher did not call or page me (and the computer clearly shows this).

    Here's my question: I punched in for 4.5 hours on this trip and now I am not getting paid for it. Is this legal? I can understand not getting paid the tip seeing as I did not do the run - but we are hourly employees here and I feel I should have been paid for the 4.5 hrs on the job.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    How many hours did you actually work? It sounds like less than an hour. While they might owe you for that time, even though the reason you wound up takingthe route was that you failed to follow protocol and radio in that you were on your way, they do not owe you for the full time that you would have worked had the trip not been cancelled.
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      Typical time

      It takes 2 hrs to get to NYC from CT and 2 hours back. I waited at the pick up location for 35 minutes. The trip as scheduled would have paid me over 6.5 hrs.


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        Typical time update

        Normally drivers get paid hourly from the time they leave the CT office until they return to the CT office.


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          Originally posted by ElleMD View Post
          How many hours did you actually work? It sounds like less than an hour.
          The OP states 4.5 hours. The pickup time was 6 AM and he waited 35 minutes before trying to figure out what happened to the passenger. A minimum of 35 minutes waiting, plus drive time to and from.

          The employer should pay the time.

          The OP's failure to contact dispatch prior to departure is no more relevant than an employee's failure to get permission to work overtime.

          The OP could be disciplined, including being fired, for not following procedure. The alleged unreliability of the dispatcher is an issue, but one for the company to address.
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