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Belligerent Boss Colorado

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  • Belligerent Boss Colorado

    I am the manager of a well known parts store. Myself and many other employees, actually all but two for the most part, are continuously subjected to belligerent outrages from the owner of our store. Commonly, we are called "stupid", "morons", "idiots", "***holes", "dumb*hits", etc. etc. etc. The list quite possibly includes most if not all derogatory names for a human being. Many times, the ***chewings occur in front of other employees and even in front of customers. As of late, the situation has grown ever so commonplace and we all have the feeling we are trapped and being held hostage due to the lack of viable options in today's available job search. I can recall several times where the "brow beatings" have put employees into tears.

    Despite the attitude of our employer being absolutely ridiculous, and embarrassing, we are all questioning the fact of the legality of his actions. Proof, corroboration, and willingness to come forward are in no way lacking across the board. Do we have any recourse at all?? Do I as a manager have any liability for not stopping this (while also being subject to the same behavior)?

    Thank you for any help in advance. I would be happy to elaborate further if necessary to clarify the circumstances and situation if that would help.

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    Looks like he's an equal opportunity jerk, which is not illegal. And since he's the owner, there isn't really anything you can do except know that he's a jerk, maintain your self-esteem without his help, and find a decent employer. Eventually, when the job market picks up, he's going to have no employees.
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      Agree that he is being a jerk. However, nothing you posted would be illegal.
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