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California IC breach issues, help me please

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  • California IC breach issues, help me please

    I worked for a flower shop for 6 months on salary. I had a bonus program with a maximum payout of $15K. By the end of the year, I had increased sales beyond what was projected. At the beginning of the year, my December bonus was presented to me, but it was only half of what is should be and was explained that they would pay me the remainder over the next 6 months because I had maxed out my bonus. Up until then I was paid whatever the bonus was with no limits. I was expecting the whole thing, of course, and was a bit upset. I told them that I had planned on that money and were I informed that I would not get it all in the begining, that there would be no problem. Now we had a problem. Do they have to pay? When they refused, I gave notice. They then wanted me to repay the bonus, saying that the bonus was intended for the entire year and if they had to hire someone else with the same bonus, that they would be spending that much more to support the position. We came to an agreement that I would phase out of my job, and stick around for until they found someone. One clause stated that: Company or florist may terminate this agreement at any time upon giving the other party three weeks written notice. it goes on to say that I would be given a minimum of 20 hours per week if the company decides to terminate. I went to work the other day and was told that they had filled the calander with other workers and I would not be needed any longer. I was on the schedule for 2 more days and that was it. The very next day, the boss came to me and said that she was not aware what my agreement was(that she signed) and offered to clear some of the workers if I wanted the hours. I told her I thought we were past that. I felt that she broke the agreement, but am not sure. Another clause, of course, is for me not to contact any existing customers. The week after I was let go, I contacted a customer and my former boss found out. Now she is calling foul. Who is at fault here? Am I the one that broke the agreement or did she? Help me please. (sorry so winded)

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    Lack of a Promised Bonus

    According to California regulations, this can be seen as a violation of wage and hour law. You should contact the state's Division of Labor Standards Enforcement for further information. Also, the procedure to file a wage claim may be found at:
    Lillian Connell

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